A lost island at the bottom of the ocean. A buried crypt hiding ancient mysteries. Spirits unwilling to let their tombs be defiled.

Washed up on Swash Isle, the Prophet and his rescuers strive to find a way to return to Justiqua. Will a trip to the sunken island of Dao Szeyukh appease the Comandanté of the pirate republic?

Making her own way to Justiqua, Princess Palasia Bab passes through Al Kutz, where the Warlords help her come to terms with the powers of her magic Blade. Despite her abilities, she must seek divine aid if she is to cross the deadly Silent Straits.

On a nefarious mission to eliminate the Gods, Nighan Witchson rampages through the Archipelago at the head of a horde of sword-wielding savages, all the while wondering how he can extricate his damned soul from its inevitable doom.

At the Elfguard Fortresses in the west of Fjelburg, Prince Saul Aodhson battles his people’s ancient nemeses from the Alfa Wald, but the greatest danger comes not from without but from within, from his own brothers …

One man, long thought gone, returns from the dead to unearth secrets long forgotten. Is he a hero or a villain?

He is the man who sank an island.

The Man Who Sank An Island

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