An ancient prophecy. A magic sword on which pivots the fate of Gods and mortals alike.

Hounded by the undead, the reborn elvic Prophet and his rescuers must escape the ravaged Babese Sultanate at all costs.

Captured and broken, the Witchson struggles just to stay alive in the savage and tropical Goblin Isles lest his soul be eternally damned in the Nether.

Prince Saul Aodhson confronts a skittering menace as old as time in the icy north of Fjelburg, in a vale lined with the bones of fallen Highlanders.

Lost in the endless rainforest of Shala’Hyddin, Princess Palasia Bab will find her destiny, and other worlds, in the Ashlands.

Ghost ships and Sea Serpents prowl the oceans, the First Flame is trapped, and the realm of the Fae is in danger of destruction at the hands of an army of Demons …

The battle for Maradoum has begun.

Secrets of the Ashlands

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