Blades and wizardry.

Fearsome monsters and fearless magicians.

Intrepid warriors and illicit gangs.

Spirits and sentient trees.

Primordial enemies and fables come to life.

Set in the same world as the epic fantasy Convent series, beginning with A Dead Wizard’s Dream, this collection of eleven fantasy short stories takes a closer look at lands and peoples less explored in the Chronicles series so far.

From the barbaric and barren Lama Kulul Desert where dwell sinister lizard-men to the lush and lawless Archipelago where barbaric Goblins roam, this adventure-filled anthology is brimming with action, magic and old lore.

Featured in Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 3:

The Fainting Wizard

The Sandman and the Serpents

The Shaman and the Ghouls

Ghosts of the Madlands

Severing the Head of the Golden Snake

Yeti Mountain

The Tree That Eats Goblins

Sir Jombo and the Lindworm

The Strategos and the Centaurs

Return of the Yaoguai

Battle for Wampcha Hill

Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 3

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