Might and magic.

Legendary beasts and lost civilisations.

Epic journeys and bloody brawls.

Necromancers and Dragon Riders.

Ancient evils and new saviours.

Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 2 is set in the same world as the epic fantasy Convent Series, beginning with A Dead Wizard’s Dream.

From the present cruelties of the Babese Sultanate and Zamphia to the ancient atrocities committed in Dao Szeyukh and Vayloraheim, this adventure-filled fantasy anthology is crammed with 11 magical short stories featuring brutal palaces, warring cities, orcs, shapeshifters, assassins and dragons.

Featured in Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 2:

The Red Wall

Blood Sacrifice

Of Wizards and Monks

Legend of the Lake

Viper’s Nest

Legacy of a Consul

A Prince in Peril

Skull and Spine

The Daimyo’s Downfall

Dragon Rider

The Edge of the World

Chronicles of Maradoum Volume 2

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